“My goal as a teacher is to inspire a passion for practice.
The practice itself, done consistently and accurately, is the real teacher.”
– Tim Miller –

about me

I take individuals practices to the next level. With almost 10 years of passionate experience of teaching people how to get the results they want and to transform their lives, I take pride in the trust I’ve built with the multitude of students I’ve worked with throughout Europe and South America. I have learned to use diverse elements to provide a diagnostic and comprehensive approach to each of my loyal and individual customers.

I lead a challenging Vinyasa practice without exhausting individuals, delivering insightful information and alignment-based instructions, safe to perform.

My rewarding moments are when an experienced student tells me, “In one class you taught me what others haven’t in 20 years. I thought there was nothing else for me to learn, and you’ve changed how I think.” People feel my consistent and personalized attention, and students are motivated to work hard while enjoying it.


Take your practice
to the next level
Personalize your Practice

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Yoga Magazin Bulgaria - May 2018

Karma Yoga - Autumm 2017

Picture by Kristyna Kralova

Elle - May 2014

Picture by Salim Issa

Handstand video made by Standa

Handstand Jam

Yoga and Sailing

Handstand demo at Kino Workshop Vienna

Yoga Conference Cologne June 2018
Yoga Conference Cologne June 2018
Bhakti Immersion Raghunath Cologne March 2018
Bhakti Immersion Raghunath Cologne March 2018
Noah Maze Teachers Intensive Berlin February 2018
Meditacion en Movimiento Barcelona July 2017
Meditacion en Movimiento Barcelona July 2017
Dylan Werner
Danny Paradise Workshop Prague June 2016
Lino Miele Workshop Budapest May 2016
Dylan Werner Workshop April 2016
Kino Workshop Vienna Septiembre 2015

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