Raindrop Technique

About Raindrop

Raindrop Technique® (RT) is a powerful, non-invasive method that uses the antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of specific therapeutic-grade essential oils in combination with specific massage techniques, to assists
the body in restoring the healthy state of the spine while bringing physical, mental and emotional balance and harmony to the body.

Because of its detoxifying properties, the Raindrop Technique helps to get rid of toxins and bacteria that are deep within the body supporting and strengthening the immune system. It is used for spinal regeneration, tension and stress reduction and harmonization of the nervous system.

In a Raindrop Technique nine essential oils are applied directly on the reflex zones of the feet and the muscles along the spine. Specific techniques are used to facilitate the optimal absorption of the oils by the spine and nerve endings, tissues and organs. It ends through a relaxation with a warm compress on the back to intensify the effect of the oils and boost their benefits.

Essential oils used:

  • Valor (blend): structural alignment and harmonization
  • Oregano: antibacterial, antifungal – cleanses
  • Thyme: antibacterial, antiseptic – cleanses
  • Basil: relieves muscle tension
  • Cypress: promotes blood circulation and aids to relieve spasms and cramps
  • Wintergreen: anti-inflammatory and helps to relieve pain
  • Marjoram: strengthens muscles
  • Peppermint: improves oils penetration into the tissues and boost their activity
  • Aroma Siez (blend): muscle relaxation

The effects of the oils last for several days after the therapy, during which the balancing process takes place.

Duration is 90 min.
Raindrop is usually recommended 1-2 times a month.

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